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I am a Pohnpeian-American currently living in Northern Michigan – my home.  My mother is American and my father is Mwoakiollese/Pohnpeian.  Growing up, I was alway proud of the Pacific Island side of my heritage, but I never quite knew what it meant.  I was just proud because it made me different and it was an interesting story.  When I went to college at the University of Michigan I began to become more politically, socially and culturally conscious.  I was sort of turned of by our administration and the wars, and so I became more interested in discovering my Pacific roots.  I minored in Asian & Pacific Islander American Studies and met a community of Pacific Islander faculty and students.  It was here my passion began to blossom.  After graduating I visited family in Hawai’i and on a whim decided to cancel my return flight home and booked airfare to Micronesia instead.  I started to document this trip.  So far, it has been the most enriching, most memorable moment of my life so far.  I am proud of both my American and Micronesian heritages.  This blog will hopefully blend the two.  Enjoy and thanks for reading.

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